What is plastic molding?

Plastic injection mold  is a metal tool to shape plastic products according to the shape of the mold cavity used in injection molding technology to make plastic products.

Plastic molds are designed according to each plastic product based on the criteria of shape, size, number of mold cavity, quality of plastic product after injection molding.

Plastic mold is an important component that determines the quality, productivity and production cost of plastic products.

Injection Mold

Plastic molds

There are many types of plastic molds (plastic injection molds, plastic injection molds), depending on the structure of the plastic product to decide which form of plastic mold to choose (plastic injection mold, plastic injection mold) to ensure quality. quality, productivity, service life of plastic products (plastic injection molds, plastic injection molds).

According to the plate number of the plastic mold cavity:

  • 2 plate plastic mold
  • 3 plate plastic mold

According to the mold opening method:

  • Straight opening plastic mold
  • Plastic mold with horizontal opening (in addition to the straight opening, there is also a horizontal opening called silde).

According to the method of taking products:

  • The plastic mold takes the product by pushing the latch.
  • The plastic mold takes the product by pushing the plate or the mold pushing the rim.
  • Plastic molds take products by pushing with cross pins, also known as lifters
  • The plastic mold takes the product by pushing the tube.
  • Plastic molds get products by hydraulic motor (rotary motor) used for products with internal threads.
  • Plastic molds take products by steam mushrooms (push by compressed air).

According to the method of using manufacturing materials:

  • Solid plastic mold: The mold core and mold shell are made of the same material
  • Core-coupled plastic mold: the mold core is made of good steel, which is inserted into the cavity of the mold shell, which is made of lower quality steel to save costs and many other advantages.

According to the characteristics of plastic channel:

  • Cold or cold channel plastic mold.
  • Hot plastic molded channel, also known as hot runner.

According to the characteristics of the injection port into the mold cavity:

  • Overflow gate plastic mold.
  • Plastic mold for underground gate
  • Plastic mold injected into push pin.

According to the surface treatment properties of steel for plastic molding:

  • Plastic mold made of heat-treated steel
  • Plastic mold for heat-treated steel.

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